Sky Crime | Ernesto (He/Him)

I'm a queer artist living in Mexico. I love working on character designs, mechs, and I welcome new challenges in my art journey. I enjoy art that carries earnest passion, videogames, TTRPGS, cooking, and the Coca Cola that comes in glass bottles.

If you think I'm the man you need for your art, you can contact me through Twitter Dms or through e-mail at:

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I have been deeply inspired by both anime and videogames since I was four years old, as my older brother introduced me to the hobbies of a teenager from the late 90's. I decided to draw after catching a glimpse of Eva 01 opening its jaws in berserk rage, during a commercial break on Locomotion. I couldn't quite understand what I was watching, or why it filled my chest so. I felt some type of horror, but I wasn't scared, it made me feel inspired instead.

Since then, I have been inspired by exciting works such as those by Hideo Kojima, Goichi Suda, Kentaro Miura, Jamie Hewlett, among others.

Some of my favorite stuff: